Phase-1: Mindset & Discipline for Electronic Music Artists

Building your mental strength and discipline for the artist journey ahead

ArtistMap is an online roadmap program and an artist support community created by 6AM Group that aims to guide electronic music artists towards a successful and sustainable career.

Our Mission:

- To help artists develop mental strength and discipline for their journey ahead
- To help artists develop actionable insights and strategies that can be implemented today
- To help artists stay focused on their path going from Phase-1 through Phase-4 aka the Artist lifecycle

In Phase-1, you will learn what it takes to build a bulletproof mindset and understand a profound approach and discipline on how to handle many given situations you may arise in your journey. Having this awareness early in your journey will set your mind at ease while developing your mental strength and discipline which will profoundly impact your well-being going through such a rigorous process and journey. At the end of Phase-1, there is an assignment that must be completed prior to enrolling in Phase-2. Do not cheat the process, do not cheat your own journey.

WARNING: This journey is not easy; as a matter of fact it's very very difficult and rough. This is the reality of coming into the house & techno industry so please be mentally prepared for this road you are about to embark have already taken the steps in. ArtistMap delivers the truth, and we all know the truth hurts. But if you are willing to put in the work, the sacrifice, and the time with the right attitude. It'll be very hard for you to not succeed and attain your goals. We have seen many of our peers do it and the author himself has done it as well, so these are practical strategies and insights from firsthand experience and stories from our own journey as well as our peers and friends who are also embarking on this path. Please treat this community with respect and treat your artist journey with respect too!

Your Instructor


Jia is the creator of ArtistMap and the founder of 6AM, a global house & techno community that promotes and fosters the culture of work & play. Since entering the scene in 2006, he has developed working experiences in all aspects within the field starting off as a fan of the music, to getting his hands dirty as a serial promoter, DJ, event producer, festival organizer, talent buyer, booking agent, artist manager, tour manager, and industry consultant giving him a unique 360-degree view into the electronic music industry from all angles. It is through the years of dynamic interaction with various facets of the industry did he develop a true understanding of what it takes to propel an amateur artist into becoming a successful electronic music artist in today's environment.

Personal Message:
"The journey since 2006 has been quite the experience both personally and professionally. I fundamentally believe that creative artists of all levels and experience should build the right mindset and discipline as it has become very clear that this is the most important foundation anyone in the industry should develop early-on when committing to this journey. Most of the battles artists face are lost within their own self-doubt, anxiety, paranoia, ego, and misguidance from their internal (mind) and external (society) forces.

My passion to educate, inform, and guide the future artists of this industry is really what drove me to create ArtistMap, along with all the years of my interaction and engagement with professional artists and peers that provided me the inspiration to get this out despite my very own resistance (both internal and external). I've always believed deep-down that my biggest contribution towards our scene is how I am able to utilize my platform to bring the global electronic music community together and along with that, how many artists and industry peers I can help along the way who decided to take this difficult path and alternative choice in life.

Simply put, this journey is really heavy! No more do I want to see aspiring creatives falter to their own internal resistance nor be affected by external resistance that often hinders their growth. I may not have all the answers, but I'm part of a greater community within this global scene who do have the answers, and I humbly welcome anyone who is dedicating their life to "this" to join me and help as many in our community by providing additional guidance and insight, so together we can help re-shape and re-define what it means to be a true professional in our industry today. Let's get ON THE GRIND!

Please note as of today we are only taking free enrollment into Phase-1 and Phase-2. Phase-3 of ArtistMap will be released on Summer 2021 exclusive via

ArtistMap is broken down into four phases (aka the lifecycle):

Phase-1: Develop a bulletproof mindset and understand a profound approach to how to handle many given situations you may arise in your journey. Having this awareness early in your journey will set your mind at ease while developing your mental strength which often doesn't get talked about enough and how that impacts your well-being going through such a rigorous process and journey.

Phase-2: Gain a deep understanding of social media and self-promotion; a crucial component of getting your music heard and your artist profile discovered. We will simply show you how to present yourself in your authentic form through all the available online channels and which we think are the 3 most important ones (hint: and it's not Facebook nor Instagram). (This phase is only available to artists who have met the requirements of passing Phase 1).

Phase-3: Understand the concept of building your own community as it's becoming ever more important to foster this area to unlock the next level. Whether it's starting your music label or event concept, we will teach you everything you need to know to start and grow you own community of fans while giving opportunities to your artist peers for further networking growth that will propel your artist career forward.

Phase-4: Learn what getting ready for your first tour is like as well as being recommended by our network of agencies that will guide you to the next level. Complacency is not what's going to create a legacy and if you think this is the part you get to relax and enjoy your hard work this is where things will start to go into reverse. Legends and True professionals never stop and in this final phase, we will ensure you have all the tools, connections, and resources to level up and sustain the rest of your journey as a professional electronic music artist. Congratulations, your artist journey has truly just begun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Artist Map, and how is it different from other DJ schools?
ArtistMap is a framework system created by 6AM that follows a proven process (4-Phase Program) that propels an amateur into a professional artist. ArtistMap breaks down the four major phases of an artist journey (aka the lifecycle) that will provide you the clarity and strategy to stay focus on your path in what matters most to you right now at this very moment of your artist journey. ArtistMap is not a "how-to" course on producing music because the internet is already flooded with those resources. Our focus is to guide electronic music artists in developing a strong mindset while having the right approach to prepare them for an enduring journey that will be met with obstacles after obstacles every step of the way, how you handle those challenges and overcome them will be critical for your overall success as an artist.
Is ArtistMap for anyone?
ArtistMap is for any aspiring professional electronic music artists willing to learn the foundations and principles of what it takes to be a true professional artist in today's environment. We welcome anyone who is looking for a peace of mind and guidance to endure a very challenging journey ahead. You don't have to go through this alone, we are here with you
Why does ArtistMap only address to "electronic music" dj/producers and not djs in other music genres?
I have been fully immersed in the electronic music scene for the past 13-years and is the one genre that got me into the music industry so it's what I know best in terms of speaking to that specific niche as opposed to all other genres of music. I understand electronic music dj/producers profoundly well, therefore, feel most comfortable addressing this program specifically towards them. This is not to say that the ideologies and concepts we present in our course can't be applied to other music genres and creative art
What does rest of ArtistMap entail? I need more info!
After you complete Phase 1, we will review your submission and upon passing we will grant you access to the next phase so that your artist journey follows a step-by-step process without you ever having to guess where you need to focus on as you pursue the quest of turning pro. The same rules apply in order to access Phase 3 and Phase 4 of this program which will only be made available to those who pass each phase under our requirements. The ArtistMap Phases are broken down as follow: Phase 1 - Building your mindset and approach Phase 2 - Branding, Marketing, and Self-Promotion Phase 3 - Self-Management and Self-Investment Phase 4 - Turning pro and creating your legacy
Is there a minimum requirement to enroll in Phase 1 of ArtistMap?
Since Phase 1 of ArtistMap is free, there are no minimum requirements to enroll as I highly welcome electronic music dj/producers of all levels to join as some of the principals can be applied immediately into your journey
How much commitment does ArtistMap require?
Reading and watching the content of ArtistMap should be a few hours for each phase to really soak them in, but applying the concepts learned in those phases will require you to incorporate your artist journey into your everyday life. There is no set time frame of "making it" in this industry. Ultimately it's however much time you want to commit to your artist journey, no one is demanding or forcing you to be a professional electronic music artist so it's all up to you on your commitment to your overall journey. What we provide are ideologies and principals that will guide you for many years, the rest of the actions to move everything forward is on you.
Why did you create ArtistMap?
The creation of the ArtistMap was stemmed from two types of electronic music artists The ones who gave up too early or never had a sustainable career in this field and the big doggs such as Carl Cox, John Digweed, Richie Hawtin, and the likes. It is through both spectrums of success and failure did I gain the full understanding of what makes an amateur artist turn professional.
How do you advance to other phases?
Each phase will have its own requirements to pass, they are very straightforward but challenging in the sense that the work you put in will really show. It's a no-frills assignment which we believe every artist at a certain phase should be able to complete in order to advance.
What kind of support does ArtistMap offer?
We offer a group community support in our private FB Group accessible to everyone who enrolls in ArtistMap. We will also offer monthly group webinars for direct online support. If you want something more hands-on, we have our premium one-on-one strategy call session with Jia Wang by setting up an appointment that works for everyone. Additionally, you can always email us or get in touch or engage with us on social media @artistmapby6am

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